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Training for Pragmatic Leadership

Our Training:


BLG divides leadership competencies into units of specific, teachable skills based on academic research and real-world experience. We address the diverse goals and time constraints of organizations and individual learning styles by offering an array of customized training methods.

Training high potentials for high-performance leadership

You’ve identified your high potentials — you selected them for their knowledge of the business and what needs to be done. Now you want to make sure they have the leadership skills necessary to execute.

BLG will partner with your organization to develop your high potentials into high-performance leaders.

You can choose the leadership training modality that is right for your organization. Training can be delivered as intensive retreats, on-site workshops, webinars or e-learning modules. Or you might choose a blended approach, with two or more of these options.

BLG and eCornell Partnership

For the last seven years, Professor Bacharach and his colleagues have partnered with eCornell, a leader in online education, to develop 10 online leadership courses based on the BLG Model. Through this partnership, BLG can offer your organization blended learning: onsite training, online eCornell courses or a customizable combination of both.

The Importance of Delivery

BLG believes content is essential and must be developed from a combination of field experience, academic research and a keen awareness of customer needs. But just as we’re committed to content, we are also committed to a visually interactive, contemporary, and dynamic delivery platform. Our academics and trainers bring content expertise and work in partnership with an in-house team of learning designers, script writers, cartoonists, videographers, all with the intent of making sure that our training and our surveys are engaging and relevant. BLG’s delivery philosophy is built on:
  • Content excellence
  • Dynamic design
  • Empirical Relevance

BLG learning options

Total onsite learning experience
Includes customized onsite workshops with interactive games, lectures, panel discussions, presentations, and case studies designed specifically for your organizational needs. All of our trainers are BLG-Certified.
Total e-learning experience
Provides 10 online courses and three certificate programs through eCornell, web-based seminars, and project work
Blended learning experience
Includes any dynamic combination of online and onsite learning.
The BLG pragmatic leadership model has the capacity to create case studies that incorporate your organization’s unique experience, integrating our model with your reality
When thinking of a leadership training program, we keep the following in mind:
  • Focus on skills for execution
    Pragmatic tools that move agendas forward
  • Integrate leadership skill development with business functions
    Ensure that case studies, training projects and course materials are relevant to your core business functions
  • Be selective
    Focus on high potentials who know the business and are of value to your core mission
  • Keep the program linear
    Avoid an array of multiple workshops and programs with diffuse learning objectives
  • Keep it tight
    Focus on specific skills rather than general principles
  • Keep it integrated
    Make sure the skill training is cumulative
  • Create a networking cohort
    Bring them together and break down barriers
  • Don’t drop the ball
    Training demands structured follow-up
  • Get the buy-in
    If they don’t support it at the top, there’s no reason to train