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Training for Pragmatic Leadership

Our Training:


Three certificate programs

For the last seven years, Professor Bacharach and his colleagues have partnered with eCornell, a leader in online education, to develop 10 online leadership courses based on the BLG Model. Through this partnership, BLG can offer your organization flexible, mixed-modality training: either online eCornell courses, or onsite training, or a customizable combination of both. BLG offers three certificate programs (outlined below) with pre-selected courses. Those looking for a focused learning experience covering the specific competencies shown below can obtain an eCornell certificate.


Change Leadership

With the Change Leadership Certificate and its 6 selected courses, participants will learn how to identify opportunities for change, negotiate support, and implement the initiatives.

Ensure successful implementation by managing conflict, organizing resources, motivating, directing and developing political and organizational agility.


Managing for Execution

With the Managing for Execution Certificate and the 6 selected courses, participants will learn the high-performance leadership skills needed to execute initiatives: managing for momentum, negotiating for results and coaching for excellence.