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Training for Pragmatic Leadership

Our Training:


Working in partnership with you, BLG can design a customized program that develops your high potentials into pragmatic and proactive leaders with the core competencies to execute vision and deliver results.

Using intensive retreats and onsite workshops blended learning, or a total e-learning experience, BLG will be your partner in delivering leadership training for your high potentials.

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Today’s high potentials need to acquire the skills to:
  • Lead
  • Manage
  • Execute
  • Risk and innovate
  • Create change without chaos
  • Develop the capacity of others
  • Direct and negotiate
  • Supervise and Facilitate

Training in the BLG Model’s leadership skill set focuses on:

  • Political competence - The ability to mobilize others around vision, strategy and execution by identifying opportunities for action and negotiating alliances - See list of courses
  • Managerial competence - The ability to sustain momentum and achieve results by Engaging and Coaching others - See list of courses