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Training for Pragmatic Leadership



The BLG team has published over 100 articles in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Human Resource Management and the Journal of Organizational Behavior, among others.
Politically Proactive
Successful Leaders are Politically Competent
We Need You to Manage, Mr. President


Get Them On Your Side
Learn how to mobilize support, improve efficiency, and get things done!
Politics is an inevitable, legitimate, and even beneficial aspect of corporate and organizational life. Hard work and good ideas are not enough to ensure success-your ability to win allies and head off resistance is what really matters in today's corporate environment. If you don't garner support for your ideas, you could become an organizational casualty.
Keep Them On Your Side
Many employees spend their time getting people on their side, only to drop the ball by failing to "keep them on their side". The key to longterm success in any organization is maintaining momentum for ideas and initiatives. While many books focus on initiating or managing change in the short term, "Keep Them on Your Side" is the first book to address maintaining organizational momentum for projects and agendas to ensure that initial goals will actually be achieved over the long haul.