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Training for Pragmatic Leadership



Multidimensional Organizational Surveys

Human capital and the work environment are critical to the success of your organization. In today’s competitive world, attracting, retaining, and motivating the best employees are more important than ever.
Leaders need to constantly track and assess areas of strength and weakness at the individual and unit levels.
The BLG Surveys provide specific, reliable, and timely data to pinpoint the obstacles to building and sustaining momentum within your organization.
We integrate data from the surveys into the BLG training and will work with you and your leadership team to demonstrate the data’s powerful capacity to inform organizational strategies, decision-making, and day- to-day policies and practices.

BLG Surveys Reports

Reports generated from these assessment data directly tie into BLG’s training modules, allowing for a integrative approach to assessment and intervention at the individual and unit levels.
The report mechanisms operate on three levels, as described in the table below:
Level 1
What does the survey show?
  • BLG will summarize the survey findings in a written report
Level 2
+ Analysis
What does the data mean to my organization?
  • In addition to the written report, an experienced BLG team member will lead a webinar or face-to-face discussion with your team delve into the data and explain what results mean for your organization.
Level 3
+ Analysis
+ Training
How can my organization use the survey results to make improvements?
  • In addition to providing a report and leading a discussion, BLG will help your organization to integrate the survey results into a program of leadership training.