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Training for Pragmatic Leadership



The Survey Process:
  1. Assess client needs
  2. Introduce BLG Surveys
  3. Adjust Surveys to meet client needs
  4. Create sample, program and test
  5. Inform participants
  6. Remind participants and monitor process
  7. Report results
  8. Interpret results and elaborate on implications*
  9. Integrate results with BLG Leadership Training
* Results are provided in webinars and workshops. Formal analysis is also available.


Organizational Climate & Engagement Survey

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Echoing the multidimensional nature of the contemporary workplace, this survey touches upon the myriad of issues relevant to organizational climate and employee engagement, and assists leaders in keeping a finger on the pulse of each of these dimensions.

This survey identifies factors such as decision-making structure, work processes, organizational structure and culture, and supervisory and coaching style that effect commitment and engagement, and how these factors impact crucial issues such as turnover, team performance, innovation, and work satisfaction.

It also identifies the key behavioral and policy changes that leaders must make in order to enhance engagement assure that they are not caught in inertia, but rather build and sustain proactive momentum.


Leadership Competencies 360° Survey

our process chart

Leaders must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The 360° methodology empirically highlights a leader’s capacity to lead for execution, the ability to mobilize teams, move agendas, and enhance and engage those they work with.

The BLG 360° serves as a mirror to reflect discrepancies and analyze the gap between how leaders view themselves and how others view them, so that they can focus on areas they need to improve, and constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their progress.

Based on the BLG Leadership Model, which assumes that leadership can be broken down into specific skills, the 360° is not just as a feedback mechanism, but as a tool for driving leadership development.