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Training for Pragmatic Leadership


What influential people are saying about the BLG method:

Samuel has the rare ability to capture the attention of a busy manager that is now easily distracted by a Blackberry or iPhone message. His presence, sense of humor, balance of academic gravitas and down-in-the-trenches practicality has provided our clients with inspiring and actionable presentations and speaking engagements. You leave one of his presentations with an overwhelming sense that you have found the missing ingredient to your management approach and you know exactly what you need to do to improve.

Chris Proulx

President and CEO


This is to express my gratitude for the wonderful learnings in the eCornell course, “Sustaining Momentum: Motivating through Vision, Culture, and Political Agility.” I enjoyed listening to you and am fired up to continue challenging myself to be a better leader.
Having come up [through] the ranks over 15 years in the company, I can appreciate the value of the leadership “map” you’ve articulated and the skills needed to mobilize people to get things done.

Director of Six Sigma

Sheraton Hotels

I really enjoyed this course on 'sustaining momentum'. As you mentioned in your concluding note, these are simple concepts but often do not receive the attention it deserves from the leaders. I am even more excited when I read your message that you encourage us to be in touch with you to share our challenges and how these concepts are helping us to deal with it.
I joined my current organization 8 years ago. I was heading a team to provide internal IT support for 4 years. I then formed a new business unit to provide IT infrastructure support to our global clients. Having started from scratch, I have gained a lot of experience and [developed a lot of] confidence in my leadership [ability]. As the unit grew larger, more senior people were hired from outside (as peers), but I always had the opportunity of leading the larger part of the organization. I did not pay attention to the resistors and opponents and acted as a lone ranger (though considered very successful), which led to a split in the organization. I am now going to take up the responsibility for the entire business unit and have a great chance of benefiting from the concepts discussed in this course.

Asst. VP

Computer Sciences Corporation, India

The course was very timely for me. At the time we were taking it, TeleTech Philippines was undergoing organizational changes. The course helped me better manage my team as we were going through them and at the same time gave me an understanding on how I can realign my program goals to better serve the changes.

Operations Manager

TeleTech, Philippines