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Training for Pragmatic Leadership



Leadership for Innovation
Professor Bacharach discusses the role of leadership toward successful innovation
If You Don't Do Politics, You Shouldn't Be a CEO
Professor Bacharach speaks with Inc. magazine about the core micro-skills of political and managerial competence
Mobilizing Others and Sustaining Momentum
Professor Bacharach discusses the BLG leadership model, which emphasizes the skills of execution; mobilizing people around agendas and sustaining momentum
Leadership is about Execution
Professor Bacharach explains why leadership is about getting things done
Charisma is Not Enough
You don't need to get a charisma injection in order to lead effectively. Professor Bacharach explains why charisma is not enough
Identifying High Potentials
The term 'High Potentials' has become quite the organizational buzzword, but what does it really mean?
Mixed Modality
Professor Bacharach discusses how BLG uses a combination of online and offline delivery platforms to train leaders


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