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Training for Pragmatic Leadership

Who We Are:


In today’s environment of restructuring and downsizing, organizations promote people who both understand the business world and have the unique potential to excel in leadership roles. Often those same organizations struggle to give key talent the specific leadership and managerial skills they need to get projects off the ground, move ideas, rally people, invigorate agendas and create change.

The BLG perspective, developed by Professor Samuel B. Bacharach over more than 30 years of academic research and real-world application, is based on the belief that while vision and charisma motivate and create a sense of direction, the final test of leadership is getting results. The most successful leaders are those who are pragmatic. The BLG Model specifically focuses on how to take a vision or a strategy from initiation to implementation. The BLG Model focuses on the pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts skills of getting things done.

In partnership with your organization, Bacharach Leadership Group (BLG) delivers training that enhances the leadership and managerial skills of your high potentials. High potentials are those who think systematically, understand their functional roles and are capable of innovation. These talented individuals understand the organization’s strategic goals for customer service, operational excellence and innovation. BLG will give them the skills to execute and become the next generation of pragmatic leaders.

Political competence is the ability to mobilize others around vision, strategy and execution. Politically competent leaders have the skills to network, influence, and negotiate to advance essential agendas.

Managerial competence is the ability to sustain momentum and achieve results. Managerially competent leaders know when to direct and when to coach. They know how to evaluate performance and give feedback, resolve conflict and maintain group culture to ensure execution

For more about the key elements of the BLG Leadership Model please request a copy of our brochure.